in that last photoset i reblogged, someone edited out beyonce’s gif and replaced it with azaelia banks. azaelia banks definitely deserves a spot on the list, but it really really irks me they erased beyonce’s depression and not katy perry’s petty-in-comparison divorce. :\ makes me feel like depression isn’t taken seriously at all. 

edit: ok so apparently it was the other way around. azaelia banks’ gif was removed and replaced with beyonce’s since the former doesn’t count as a popstar. so i’m not really irked anymore, but azaelia banks still belongs on there more than katy.


Popstars and their struggles

they have gone through it and so can you


Good Guy Mink parts 1, 2, and 3.



remember when i used to be super into gerita almost as much as i am with sufin now?


A really interesting article that talks about the village and micronation of Seborga. Later on in the article it mentions the Hetalia character and even links to his kitawiki page!


are people aware that the “hairy man-hating angry lesbians” are actual human beings actual women who are affected by misogyny and homophobia and one of the most vulnerable groups in a patriarchal society they are not an abstract concept like the boogeyman

why did national coffee day have to be on monday

my starbucks day is on thursday :( 

i am warning you BABAR!!!!!!